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Frequently asked questions by new club members

GS Aquatics FAQ. Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Other than the membership fees, are there costs to race each Tuesday club night?

No, the GS Aquatics Swim Club membership cost pays for your child/ren to race each Tuesday night for the entire season.

Can we drop our child/ren off at Swim Club?

All children who attend club nights must have in attendance a parent, responsible for their supervision. If a parent is unable to attend, arrangements must be made for another responsible person to accept the supervision of the child concerned.

My child/ren have never raced, do they need to have raced before joining?

GS Aquatics Swim club is all about preparing children for swimming events. It may be a learning curve the first few times, but they quickly get the hang of it and learn by watching the more experienced swimmers.

How do I know when my child’s events are and where do they meet?

The swim events are announced by the Club Night MC. The MC calls swimmers to ‘Marshalling’ for each race. Swimmers are to be seated in the grandstand and listen to MC for marshalling calls. Marshalling occurs at the far end of the grandstand (Good Shepherd College end).

The swimmers names will be called for each event and asked to be seated in the marshalling area awaiting their event.

Do our children have to wear the GS Aquatics Swim Club merchandise?

If your children are only racing at club level on a Tuesday night no it is not compulsory for them to wear GS Aquatics Swim Club merchandise. If your children race at external meets for GS Aquatics Swim Club, the club merchandise is the preferred apparel to identify them as a proud GS Aquatics Swim Club member.

My child/ren are not comfortable with all the strokes, do they have to swim all the events?

Nothing is compulsory (apart from having fun), each member is able to nominate the week prior which events they wish to take part in.

I have a younger child who cannot swim the full 25mtr distance.

GS Swim Club caters for younger children with 12.5 events. As their confidence and ability increases they can then proceed to 25mtr events.

How do I nominate for next club night?

Nominations are entered through the Swim Central portal on the Swimming QLD website.

I forgot/missed nominations for next week at the last club night

Ideally we encourage members to nominate through Swim Central, before ‘Close of Nominations’ each week.

Our family will not be able to make every club night, will this be a problem?

Club night is not compulsory. We love it when our members can swim, however understand they are not always able to make it due to illness, work and family commitments.

Is club night still on when it’s raining?

In the event of extreme weather conditions such as torrential rain, thunder and/or lightening, club is generally cancelled, however we have created Twitter and Facebook accounts so we can post if club night has been cancelled.

When can my child progress to 50mtr and 100mtr events?

50mtr and 100mtr events have a qualifying time for each of the strokes which need to be met consistently to allow the swimmer to progress to these events.

One More Question?

We hope to answer most of the more common questions below, however please feel free to further enquiries to email

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Membership to GS Aquatics includes free competitive swimming at every GS Swim Club night and for minimal additional costs the ability to swim at external swim meets with other clubs.
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